"Fake" Apple Stores Ordered to Shutdown, Angry Customers Demand Refunds

Author: Abiel Abuy
Published: July 26, 2011 at 4:14 pm

Two of the three (3) "Fake" Apple stores in Kunming have been ordered to shut down after Chinese authorities found out that the said stores are operating without any business permits. Another 3 were also visited by investigator, because they are using Apple’s logo without the company’s permission even though they have the necessary permit to operate, Bloomberg reports.

Chinese authorities took action after what appeared to be a harmless post at “BirdAbroad” blog containing pictures of what appeared to be a legit Apple Store but it turns out to be Fake Apple Stores, the story also caused a lot of buzz in the blogsphere and news media outfist also picked up the story.

In a related report by Reuters; after receiving the news that what appeared to be an Apple store is a fake Apple stores, customers started to go back to the stores and demanded for a their receipt and even demanded for a refund. That's what Wang did after spending her hard-earned 14,000 yuan ($2,170) last month buying a Macbook Pro 13-inch and iPhone 3G from the said Kunming store, since the store did not issue any receive at the time when she bought the said Apple devices. While there are some customers made it clear that it doesn't bother them if the store is not the "real" Apple store as long as they are selling "real" Apple products.

Yu Cheng, owner of the 3 stores even said that the stores may have copied the "real" Apple Stores but he's not violating any Chinese laws and doing Apple a favor” by selling authentic Apple Products. Even the staff are angry about the unwanted attention that their store got from the “BirdAbroad” blog. I can understand where Yu Cheng and his staff are coming from, selling authentic Apple products and trying to imitate the "coolness" of an Apple store is one thing but making your customer believe that you're the authentic Apple Store is another. For this to be a win-win situation for both Apple and Yu Cheng, is that he secure the necessary permits and try not to "fake" an Apple Store anymore.


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