iPad Still King of Tablets, Android King of Smartphones

Author: Jesse Bauer
Published: October 25, 2011 at 12:25 pm

Millennial Media has just released their 'Mobile Device Index' report for Q3 2011. The numbers are not so much surprising as they are simply impressive for the reigning king of tablets, the Apple iPad. The iPad has shown massive growth since last Q3 2010 by showing off an crazy 456% increase in sales, which you could easily attribute to the launch of the iPad 2 in Q1 2011. Impressions for the iOS platform grew by 60% over that same time period, and the iPad itself is responsible for 97% of all tablet device U.S. impressions according to ComScore.

In the chart above, a large section at 56% is representing Android Operating System. Apple's iOS accounted for 28% of the total OS mix across mobile devices and smartphones, which is half of what Android accomplished. RIM's BlackBerry OS comes in third with a ever reducing 13%, while Nokia's Symbian and Microsoft's Windows OS each account for only 1%.

One thing that you may hear when it comes to stats is that Android is installed on many manufacturers devices, and therefore Apple's iOS and RIM's BlackBerry is battling a much larger army. Apple only has the iPhone, where Android smartphones are over 100 hundred available. When you look below at the Top 20 Mobile devices however, this will paint a different looking picture, as the Apple iPhone is the top selling smartphone at 12.55%, followed next by the LG Optimus Android smartphone at 6.3%.

Sources - Millennial Media, BGR


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