Research In Motion Executives Abandoning Ship

Author: Reed Sanders
Published: April 08, 2012 at 5:49 am

The burn seems to be continuing for Research In Motion. After a terrible 2011, and less than impressive sales of all BlackBerry Products, RIM seems to be unable to keep staff. Wall Street Journal is now reprting that several Executives have been leaving RIM.

Jim Balsillie had stepped down as the Chairman of the Board, just a couple months after RIM named a new CEO as well. Not only has Balsillie left completely (who was one of RIM's co-founders by the way), but RIM has also recently seen the loss of Alistair Mitchell, who was the Vice President of BlackBerry Messenger. After them, Senior Vice President of the BlackBerry platform Alan Brenner is reported to be gone as well as CTO David Yach and COO Jim Rowan. These departures come after a hugely disappointing Q4 sales and earnings report was just announced this last week.It's not looking good for Research In Motion lately. They have some huge recovery and soul searching to do over the next quarter.

Source - WSJ


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