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Tiger Woods Inspirational Victory

Author: Apeksha HA
Published: March 26, 2012 at 4:46 pm

Phase I: Winner of 14 Major by age of 32, holder of multiple world records, highest paid athlete in the world (75 million $ per annum) and anything and everything one could dream of.

Nov 27 2009: His car runs into a fire hydrant and then subsequently multiple extramarital affairs are revealed! The most famous sex scandal breaks out and hereby one of biggest downfall in the history of sports is witnessed.

And since then life has not been the same for Tiger Woods until Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill happened. Finally after 30 months, Tiger Woods won his first PGA Tour Victory (Overall 72nd) and moved to No.6 in the world.

Life of Tiger Woods appeared to be perfect to a common man until the truth was revealed. And since then it had gone in a downward spiral. His sponsors backed out, fans backed out, his media/public appeal drastically went down. Once considered as a role model, he lost respect/ integrity in the eyes of all.

Everything backfired for one of the greatest sportsperson in the world. And once the truth settled down in the minds of fans/sponsors, one can only imagine the emotional pressure Woods must have been through. And it was evident in his game too as he tried to make a comeback in front of the world.

When one is under such an intense scrutiny/pressure, it is extremely hard to concentrate on your game/life. Woods whole life was falling apart in front of his eyes, one which he had built after lots of hard work/dedication over the years. One has to face consequences for their actions and Woods also was no exception. But what is commendable is the way he has come back.

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