LinkedIn CEO: We Don't Have Time For Google+

Author: Steve Woods
Published: July 19, 2011 at 10:06 am

LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner thinks the rest of just don’t have time to use new guy on the block Google+. When asked during an open-forum interview at Silicon Valley’s Churchill Club whether or not there was a limit to how many social networking sites could share our attention spans, Weiner stated “nobody has any free time” to add Google+ to their sharing repertoire.

“You don’t see people using Twitter while they’re using Facebook, or using Facebook while they’re using LinkedIn,” said Weiner, adding that when Google+ is added to this social equation, “where am I going to spend that next minute or hour of my discretionary time? I have no more time.”

Apparently, somebody at LinkedIn needs to introduce their boss to the concept of tabbed browsing. I’ve mastered the technique of having multiple tabs open many, many summers ago, and can hand out friendly social faux pas in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ with ease. I believe it’s referred to as “multi-tasking.”

According to Weiner, Facebook already serves the purpose of keeping in touch with all of our family and friends. At one time, however, MySpace held the top notch in this category, falling a number of levels on the social networking totem pole as it watched Facebook take over. In fact, one of the most connected media celebrities on Google+ is Tom Anderson, the founder of MySpace, who has maintained a positive assessment of the new social network.

In the news of late is the major investment of $35,000,000 in MySpace by a media group led by pop and hip-hop star and budding actor Justin Timberlake. Although Timberlake’s Specific Media Group has announced plans to create a niche-based musically inclined network, I am certain they would disagree with Weiner’s assessment that no other social networks are necessary to fulfull everyone’s needs everywhere.

Because people have already spent a lot of time and effort building up their networks in Twitter, Facebook and Linked in, Weiner sees Google+ failing. “Nobody has free time” to invest another effort in building up another following, according to Weiner. Again, Weiner appears to not have considered emergent technologies making it very easy to export one’s friends, photos and other information from one network and importing into another. Migrating one’s friends and followers to Google+ gets easier with each passing day.

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