When Mayors Attack

Author: Xavier Onassis
Published: February 02, 2012 at 5:47 am

Recently the Renton Reporter published an op ed about the city cracking down on a bar in North Renton, Trophies (now Nations Pub:Liq).

Mayor Denis Law has taken a stand in north Renton.

You wouldn't expect a guy like Denis Law, who founded a bunch of newspapers, including the one this article appears in, to swagger around like the new sheriff in Dodge City. Mayor Law, however, is a paradox inside a contradiction wrapped in a Snuggie; he apparently went from being borderline agoraphobic to Walker, Renton Ranger.

He’s tired of a juvenile justice system that frees young people who are not yet ready to behave themselves, often with dangerous results.
He’s tired of landlords who don’t maintain their properties and don’t bother to do thorough background checks on tenants.
And he’s tired of bars and taverns that become a magnet for patrons who seem bent on firing guns into the air or at each other, sometimes sending errant bullets into front doors.
And so are we. How sad that a child has to move to a different bedroom just to avoid bullets.

Who is "we"? Why is there no author credited? And can somebody get Mayor Law some vitamins already? Poor guy is plum tuckered out.

I agree with the mystery editor, it is sad when children fear violence. You know what else is sad? When the police chief throws a suspect off a bridge. Maybe if Dean Radford ran a picture of Trophies/Nations Pub:Liq dressed as Santa, the Mayor could take a nap.

Right now, Trophies Bar and Eatery in north Renton is under a magnifying glass. It’s a high priority for enforcement agents with the Washington state Liquor Control Board. And the Renton police officers have made dozens of calls there in the 18 months since it opened.

Interestingly, Mayor Law's under a bit of a magnifying glass himself. I looked at the Renton Reporter article linked above. Luckily Washington State doesn't have a Mayor Control Board.

Gunfire erupted outside Trophies Bar and Eatery the night of Dec. 9. A bullet struck the front door of a nearby home.

Pretty damning for something so vague. Did this happen right outside their door, or on the same block? Was the person with the gun a Trophies customer?

We fear it’s just a matter of time before an innocent resident is going to be shot by an errant bullet,” Mayor Denis Law wrote in a Dec. 13 letter to the enforcement chief of the Washington state Liquor Control Board.
There are people who fear spiders, alien abduction, and dying alone. I once saw a lady on Maury Povich who was afraid of Jello. If I were Mayor Law, I'd probably fear the information in recently released public records becoming common knowledge among Renton's voters, but that's me.

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