Please Do Not Destroy This Country

Author: A Mohit
Published: November 21, 2011 at 2:02 pm

It was not so long ago, I felt disgusted with the news that a democratic mayor in Oakland, CA had ordered her police forces to use tear gas on peaceful demonstrators. It was appalling that a member of a party that prides itself as progressive would behave in such an undemocratic way. But I had forsaken the belief long ago, that just as someone claims to be progressive would always behave the way as a progressive should. Self interest is such a devil!

Then this morning, the news came in that a California university had placed two of its police officers on administrative leave, since they were found involved in the pepper spraying of peacefully sitting students who were protesting in sympathy with the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) protesters. More heartening is the news that a teacher angrily demanded resignation of the school's chancellor, accusing her of setting up police against the students.

The president of the 10-campus University of California system said that he was ”appalled” seeing the images of students being doused with pepper spray, and he stressed the need for a far-reaching, urgent assessment of law enforcement procedures on all campuses. This is a sign that we still have democracy in this country.

It is now over two months that people are demonstrating all over the USA, and we do not have a single death. Contrast that with Egypt. Only yesterday, Egypt's Health Ministry confirmed 22 deaths since Sunday’s clashes between police and protesters in Tahir square. Over 1,750 have been wounded so far in the clashes since they began Saturday. People are demanding that the country's military rulers transfer power to a civilian government. Husni Mubarak is gone, but his goons are in power now and they are behaving like the authorities do in the 3rd world countries.

A friend of mine, who emigrated from the same country that I did, calls this country as heaven. While I do not share his optimism about the immediate future of our new home, I totally agree with his observation. With all its shortcomings this country is still the very best place to live in. Our infrastructure may be crumbling; the fear mongers may have dented our freedom in the name of Patriotic Act; the defense contractor’s may be robbing us with unlimited wars, yet, you only have to step outside the border of USA to experience how rest of the world is.

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