Officials: Secret Service Had Obama's Schedule Out When Prostitutes Visited Rooms

Author: Steve Woods
Published: April 16, 2012 at 9:29 pm

"The purpose of U.S. Secret Service threat assessment and protective intelligence activities is to identify, assess, and manage persons who might pose a threat to those we protect, while the goal of these activities is to prevent assassination attempts." — 1998 Secret Service publication Protective Intelligence and Threat Assessment Investigations: A Guide for State and Local Law Enforcement Officials

There have been a number of revelations with regard to Secret Service members engaging in sexual relations with prostitutes prior to a visit by President Obama in Colombia. Things have gone from bad to worse, as military members and other officials have begun to be implicated, and one recent revelation may have those sworn to protect the President looking in the mirror for those posing a threat to our Nation's leader.

MSNBC reports officials as stating that copies of President Obama's schedule may have been left out in the open, while Colombian women were in the rooms of Secret Service members.

Let's delve a little deeper into what this means. Unfamiliar members of the opposite sex, living in a country wracked for decades with political corruption, war and armed drug cartels, were allowed into rooms where printed copies of where President Obama would be (and when) were present.

What was once a simple sex scandal has begun to have smatterings of sloppy or even non-existent anti-espionage routines, of men who have enjoyed a reputation of serving a nearly impenetrable office perhaps being compromised using one of the oldest (and simplest) spying techniques known.

The men who had their careers and reputations ruined by a prostitute complaining to police of non-payment were in Cartagena preparing for the Summit of the Americas. President Obama was preparing to attend this summit, likely moving from location to location via carefully orchestrated car trips in the open. Many of the agents in trouble have the important job of neutralizing threats during these movements. Even Secret Service supervisors have been implicated, as have 10 military members.

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