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First Published: Oct 13, 2009 / Last Published: Jun 20, 2011
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My book, "Your Nest Egg Game Plan" and my and websites are designed to help individuals separate fact from fiction in politics, investing, and other aspects of personal life.

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    Expert Idiocy
    With so much B.S. around us, it's increasingly difficult to tell fact from fiction. So before you know it, we're ankle-deep in a steaming cow pie. …
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  1. June 20, 2011

    Michele Bachmann and the Two Sides of Every Argument
    Faith vs. Fact; Truth vs. Fiction; Education vs. Indoctrination
  2. June 14, 2011

    The Un-Constitutional Constitutionalists
    Gay Marriage Is a Religious Issue and Not a Consitutional One
  3. June 13, 2011

    "Accidental" Gold Discovery Is 24-Carat Scam
    Scam Artists Come Out During Volatile and Uncertain Markets
  4. January 28, 2011

    Will The Real Ford Earnings Stand Up
    Ford earnings are up big or down big depending on who you believe.
  5. December 13, 2010

    Only On Wall Street Can Idiocy Be Interpreted As Genius
    OMG - This Guy's a Genius - LOL
  6. November 14, 2010

    Don’t Buy into the GM IPO Even If You Can
    Don't Join Any Club That Will Have You As A Member
  7. April 26, 2010

    Don’t Sell But Rather Get Covered in May
    Using Covered Calls to Manage Risk and Boost Returns
  8. March 17, 2010

    Market Bubbles Are Inevitable; Portfolio Bubbles Are Not
    Use rules-based rebalancing to avoid market bubbles
  9. February 17, 2010

    Building a Successful Modern Retirement Portfolio
    How to make inflation-resistant investments and grow your retirement portfolio.
  10. January 22, 2010

    Understanding Target Date Funds
    Unless you're a totally hands-off investor, you may want to avoid target date mutual funds.