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    Universe Today
    Recent: Mariner 10: Best Venus Image and 1st Ever Planetary Gravity Assist – 40 Years Ago Today
    On Feb. 5, 1974, NASA’s Mariner 10 mission took this first close-up photo of Venus during 1st planetary …
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    Recent: How a Simple Fabric Pattern Uplifted a Post-War Finland
    In the years after World War II, most of Europe was devastated, both physically and financially. From this …
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    Ars Technica
    Recent: Catching up with some of the most interesting indie games of 2014 (so far)
    Many of the biggest video games to come out so far this year weren't even technically complete. In…
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    Next Big Future
    Recent: The Wealthy in Bel Air live 12 years longer than people in Watts
    The City of Los Angeles has published a health indicators report Life expectancy across the City of Los …
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    Gizmag Emerging Technology …
    Recent: Details of successful first test flight of Taranis UCAV demonstrator revealed
    The UK's Ministry of Defence (MoD) and BAE Systems this week announced details of last year's first test …
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    Parabolic Arc
    Recent: Senate Committee Endorses Spaceport America Tax Measure
    The New Mexico Senate Corporations and Transportation Committee has endorsed a bill that would prohibit …
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    Recent: Progress M-22M launches for speedy trip to ISS
    A Russian Progress resupply ship has launched on a fast-rendezvous mission to the International Space …
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    The Urban Astronomer
    Recent: The beginning
    It's been a few months since I migrated Urban Astronomer away from Google's free hosting service and onto …
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    News from The University of Texas …
    Recent: Brain Scans Show We Take Risks Because We Can’t Stop Ourselves
    When these brain regions (mostly associated with control) aren't active enough, we make risky choices. …
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    The Daily Galaxy --Great…
    Recent: New NASA Technologies Search for Extraterrestrial Components Needed to Create Life
        "New NASA technology will be extremely useful to search for amino acids and other potential chemical …
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